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Frequently asked questions for Iratus: Lord of the Dead

What is «Iratus»?

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a dark fantasy-style turn-based tactical roguelike RPG entered early access on Steam. Instead of the traditional premise of a stereotypical RPG, you will stand by the dark side and help necromancer Iratus to escape from the dungeon he was imprisoned centuries ago.

As a true necromancer, Iratus dislikes using weapons by himself and prefers to destroy his enemies with obedient minions such as skeletons, zombies, and vampires.

What was the game developers’ inspiration?

Primarily, Darkest Dungeon and Dungeon Keeper. The first one inspired us to make a tactical system, and the second one gave us an idea to create a game where the main character is the Lord of Darkness. We are also influenced by Slay the Spire and Disciples 2.

Did anything in particular influence the art style of your game, such as certain mythologies or stories?

The protagonist was influenced by Vrubel's "The Demon Seated". In addition, our art lead took inspiration from Lovecraft's works, HoMM (especially 5) and also Dungeon Keeper.

What is the difference between your game and Darkest Dungeon? 

In short, we’re striving to evolve the most advantageous points of Darkest Dungeon’s gameplay and removing monotonous systems as much as we can. The main focus is a variety of tactical possibilities with a comprehensive economic system, based on Iratus’ abilities and minion creation.

There are no run-of-the-mill fights, monotonous grinding, or endless farm in featureless locations. In contrast, every battle is unique and represents a tactical «brain-teaser» for the player. We strive to make each battle unique and exciting.

When will the game be released? 

The estimated release date is Q2 2020.

What is the engine of the game? What kind of technologies do you use?

We’re using Unity as our engine, thanks to its popularity and adaptability. Character animation for Iratus is created with Spine Professional.

What platforms will Iratus be on?

Currently, the game is for PC version for Steam on Windows. Versions for Mac, and Linux are in work. In the future, the game can be feasibly released on other platforms such as iOS, Android, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Our engine has such abilities.

Can I help you with your project?

If you’re interested in Iratus, we would be grateful if you could share information about the game with your friends, including sharing it on social networks. You can send your feedback about balance and gameplay to our official Discord channel. We are looking forward to constructive feedback from our community. Your comments and requests are extremely important to us for making this game as exciting as possible. In addition, we highly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter, it will be full of interesting information.

Can the game be streamed?

You're welcome to publicly share your experiences and adventures in the alpha, so feel free to stream, record video, and post screenshots. We'll share it with pleasure.

Are you planning to make a multiplayer mode?

Currently, Iratus is a singleplayer-only game. However, multiplayer cannot be ruled out, so follow our news if anything changes.

What are the specifics of the game’s economic system?

By circumstance, Iratus turned his dungeon into a tactical operation base. There are no allies, and enemies from the chivalric order are doing everything possible to put rebels into chains. Negotiations with the undead are out of the question. He is left on his own and the only skill he can count on is his necromancy. Iratus creates minions from the body parts of his deceased enemies: bones into Skeletons, corpses into a zombie, rags and souls into a banshee, and more. Along with that, Iratus gains experience. It is possible to use a variety of talents, and there are three types of them: alchemy, magic, and tactic. These are determined by the player’s chosen style of gameplay.

Could you give more details about Iratus’s battle system and tactical abilities?

Iratus’s fighting system offers a large variety of tactical skills and prowess. A crude attack is unlikely to succeed, so setting up each battle should be strategic. Something as simple as where a minion moves during an encounter can be the key to victory. Alongside a minion’s abilities, the player can also use the spells of Iratus. Since he is not a battle mage, most of his spells are focused on support and debuffing. 

What language versions there are? 

We’re creating the game in English and with English voiceovers. In closest future will be added Russian voiceovers. Interface menu was translated into Rusian, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish.

Is gamepad support planned further down the line?

We definitely will add controller support, if there will be ones wanting to play with it. By the way, we are thinking about the game release on consoles, so it is not unimaginable.

Can you skip animations in this or are you forced to watch each one over and over again?

For now, we are playing with animations to make them a bit faster, not sure we will ever release the "skip" option though.

Does this have procedurally generated dungeons? 

Partly because of the randomly generated events and quests on the map, so every session will be unique. Right now we are implementing a lot of new features to increase replayability. 

Who are the people making this?

Iratus is being developed by Unfrozen, a studio based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We work under the auspices of Company, which is a high profile web-development company in Russia. At different times, members of our team were involved in a variety of game projects for different platforms. The studio’s founders worked in Gamedev and game journalism for over 15 years.

Are you in touch with Redhook Studio?

No, but we give proper respect to the talent and creativeness of Darkest Dungeon’s developers.

I am a journalist/blogger and I would like to share information about your game with my subscribers. How can I contact developers?

We would love to talk to the game press. Just contact us, and we will get in touch with you. You can also view the Press kit press kit on our website.