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Latest news & Updates

12.09.2019 The long-awaited news for Supporter Pack owners
In the upcoming autumn update, exclusively for those who supported us with the Supporter Pack, we'll add another new minion - the Infested. For some of you he is already a little familiar, and now is the time to fully reveal his features and abilities.
05.09.2019 The first content update is just around the corner!
We are all anticipating our first content update which will feature new minions, enemies, reworked artifacts and new mechanics. Today we are introducing a new enemy from the mercenary barracks — the Shadow Elf.
30.08.2019 Minor bug fixes and Russian voiceovers

New game version with Russian voiceovers by Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov and Vladimir Antonik is finally published! Lets update, try it, enjoy and choose your favorite Iratus voice!

27.08.2019 We continue introducing you the upcoming content: reveal of the new minion
If you’re already bored awaiting new content, we are going to surprise you with today's heroes — new long-awaited Iratus minions, the Unfrozen.