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Latest news & Updates

25.10.2019 Halloween Hunt
Time to harvest!
Just before the Halloween eve, on October 29, Iratus will start a pumpkin game with you.
If you win, you’ll get Halloween skins for the minions and decorations for the room FOREVER!
01.10.2019 First content update is now live!
So, this day has finally come! Let's update the game: new minions, enemies, artifacts, and features are now available to everyone! Try, rate and share your opinion with us!
18.09.2019 The first content update is already at the finish line
The time has come for the last of this series of announcements of new characters. And then we will prepare for the update, looking forward to it with you by the beginning of October! Today we meet the new  impressive enemy of Iratus - Gargoyle.
12.09.2019 The long-awaited news for Supporter Pack owners
In the upcoming autumn update, exclusively for those who supported us with the Supporter Pack, we'll add another new minion - the Infested. For some of you he is already a little familiar, and now is the time to fully reveal his features and abilities.