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Latest news & Updates

06.11.2018 Devblog #9. Blood Phantasm

Blood Phantasm — a rather rare example of a naturally occurring undead. Some even theorize that they are actually blood elementals and write many an arcane thesis defending their position.

25.10.2018 Devblog #8. The long-awaited minion advancement system.

Hello everyone!

Here's the long-awaited devblog after a long hiatus. During this time we have been able to review an enormous amount of feedback and also done a lot of work taking into account that feedback. Well, one step at a time.

25.09.2018 Changes in release dates and future plans.

During the alpha test we received a huge amount of feedback and realised that we can make Iratus: Lord of the Dead even better, but this requires the most valuable resource – time. We regret to inform you that the release of Iratus: Lord of the Dead has been delayed and we sincerely hope for your understanding.

13.07.2018 Devblog #7. Preparations for the coming update

Backers exclusive closed alpha is still ongoing. We are grateful for all the feedback that we have received and it has been a great help for us in our goal of improving the game and making it more fun for you! In addition, we recently announced a new minion on our social networks. Let’s have a look at it!