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10.07.2019 Final Countdown. 14 Days until Iratus: Lord of the Dead Enters Early Access
Just in two weeks you will be able to test yourself in the role of an ancient and powerful necromancer, freed from his millennia of imprisonment by a bunch of hapless miners.
02.07.2019 Iratus: Lord of the Dead arrives on Steam Early Access this July
Dominate your enemies and turn their corpses into minions you control in this challenging new roguelike from Unfrozen.
18.06.2019 The Necromancer and the City! Iratus: Lord of the Dead was recently showed off at E3 2019 in Los Angeles

66 thousand visitors, over a million online watchers and hundreds of companies participated in the biggest video game expo in the world – E3 2019. And among the leaders in game development, there to show off their offering was the German company Deadalic Entertainment. Among their games was one developed by the Russian studio Unfrozen. The tactical roguelike-RPG - Iratus: Lord of the Dead.

30.05.2019 Road to E3: New Mechanics and Zombie Rework

It has been a long development cycle and the version of the game that we will be showing off in Los Angeles is quite different from what gamers and journalists were allowed to see at PAX East this spring. In the near future we will begin beta testing, which means that it is time to share with you the most massive update to the game in the last few months.