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Greetings, necromancers!
Hope you're going well and your summertime is not sad!
We prepared for you update, including new features for difficulty levels system, a present — summer skins for Mummy, Shade, Blood Phantasm and Lost Soul, and usual bugfixes and balance changes.
Greetings necromancers! Well, the day has come! :hunky_skull:
After plowing through armies of armored meatbags, today our grim overlord Iratus leaves early access with a full version of the game and continues his reign of terror on two new floors with 16 enemies, two bosses and a worthy continuation of Iratus’ quest for World Dominance. Update the game and lead his undead army to victory!
Hello, necromancers!
We hope you are alive and kicking and don't leave your lair unless necessary. At this moment, we are completely immersed in the final preparations for the release. So it's time to open the veil of secrecy of the final location — the Cathedral.
Today we updated the beta branch with a new balance close to the release version, and also added the beta versions for macOS and Linux users.