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Latest news & Updates

Greetings, necromancer! 

It's time to update your Iratus to build 158. It entered beta testing on Tuesday is now ready to be released to all players. We closely examined your progress and prepared several changes for the public version. 
Start today, we are launching the new, 158th version of the game, into open testing. And it will contain not only corrections but several interesting new functions. We invite you to take part in the open game test.
A big thank you to everyone who has already been playing Iratus during its first weekend of release! This patch also introduces some new balancing tweaks and completes the collection of minion skins for all owners of the Supporter Pack.
Wow, what a night! First off, we want to thank everyone of you who participated in our first hours of Early Access – Backers, Streamers and Necromancy Fans alike – You rock!

Balancing Patch and Updates