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Latest news & Updates

27.08.2019 We continue introducing you the upcoming content: reveal of the new minion
If you’re already bored awaiting new content, we are going to surprise you with today's heroes — new long-awaited Iratus minions, the Unfrozen.
23.08.2019 Our first upcoming Content Update: Introducing a New Enemy
Great news! Team Unfrozen is tirelessly working on the first content update for Iratus. New minions and enemies, as well as improved game mechanics, are right around the corner. We're looking forward to giving you more details in the near future!
15.08.2019 Balance Update 08/15/19
Balance Update Patchnotes

After the first quick adjustments surrounding our Early Access Launch, we now continue our regular Balance Update Cycle of 2 weeks. 
08.08.2019 Tactical Retreat, Comeback System and other new features are now available
Greetings, necromancer! 

It's time to update your Iratus to build 158. It entered beta testing on Tuesday is now ready to be released to all players. We closely examined your progress and prepared several changes for the public version.