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Hello, necromancers!
We're keeping in touch: DLC Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer, which we plan to release this fall is almost complete and is already testing!
DLC will include two new minions, additional skins, a new Alchemy mechanic — Potion Making, new, including elite and two-positions enemies, alternative bosses, new artefacts and items, and an additional story video.
Hello, necromancers! Today we have two news and both are good!

The first one is from our fix-it-team — the today update of version 176.15 will not affect players who have not noticed anything strange before, but is intended to eliminate and prevent graphics glitches for players using AMD Radeon video cards .
We offer our deepest apologies to the players who have encountered this issue. We are very sorry that it took us so long to fix this game-breaking bug.
We will be very grateful for your feedback: both about the fact that everything is fine now, and in cases when suddenly something does go wrong.
Hello necromancers!
As you know, we are working hard on the DLC and we really want to share what it will contain!
Greetings, necromancers!
Hope you're going well and your summertime is not sad!
We prepared for you update, including new features for difficulty levels system, a present — summer skins for Mummy, Shade, Blood Phantasm and Lost Soul, and usual bugfixes and balance changes.