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Update with graphical bug FIX. Teaser of the new DLC mechanic — Potions

24.08.2020 16:48
Update with graphical bug FIX. Teaser of the new DLC mechanic — Potions
Hello, necromancers! Today we have two news and both are good!

The first one is from our fix-it-team — the today update of version 176.15 will not affect players who have not noticed anything strange before, but is intended to eliminate and prevent graphics glitches for players using AMD Radeon video cards .
We offer our deepest apologies to the players who have encountered this issue. We are very sorry that it took us so long to fix this game-breaking bug.
We will be very grateful for your feedback: both about the fact that everything is fine now, and in cases when suddenly something does go wrong.

Also, we continue to announce new content from the upcoming DLC Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer.
Last time we talked about a new minion, the Reaper:

Besides new minions and enemies, a completely new mechanic of Alchemy is also planned — Potions.

By combining various parts in the cauldron, you will learn new recipes for potions, which you can later use right in the battle. The higher quality pieces you use, the more powerful you will get the potion.
Flasks are needed to make potions — this resource drops out as a reward for winning a battle. New recipes can be learned by experimenting with different combinations of parts.
The Potions using does not depend on the progress of the talent tree — this is a separate mechanic.

You can store a maximum of six potions in your inventory. In battle, potions are used in the same way as Iratus spells: on the appropriate tab, select a potion and click on one of the highlighted targets. Potions are also used once per round.

You'll enchant one or all minions, weaken enemies and restore resources to Iratus (mana, wrath, increases Spell Power) with the power of potions. This mechanic will expand tactical options in combat and open up new abilities combinations.
In total, about three dozen recipes are planned.

We're glad to inform you that the DLC development is entering the final phase, very active work is underway. We hope to release the DLC Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer in fall 2020.

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