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Devblog #10. Graveyard.

18.12.2018 16:34
Devblog #10. Graveyard

In this devblog we would like to talk about some new features that we decided to add during the alpha test. In order to expand the strategic layer of the game we’ve decided to include a base building to the game.

Previously, all attention was focused on the protagonist and increasing his powers as the game progressed but now you will be able to build your own “town” and decide on the type of strategic and tactical perks you wish to pursue.

Besides the familiar Iratus’s room there will be 8 buildings available for construction,  each of which will provide a certain bonus. It will also be possible to improve these buildings and thus increase their productivity and abilities. But first, these buildings will need to be constructed, since only two structures will be available at the start: the Training Room, where minions can earn experience and the Morgue, where minions can heal more rapidly.


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Moreover, it will be necessary to sacrifice one of your minions in order to construct or improve a building, along with an Architect’s Soul — a special resource, which can be earned in battles or through other activities on the map.

You can “dismantle” the improvement or even the building itself to regain the minion that was used in construction. However, the Architect’s Soul does not return, so you should think twice before wasting such a valuable and rare resource.

Buildings do not give their bonus by themselves and need minions to “work” there. At the initial stage, there is only one slot in any building for a minion. Improvements will open additional slots up to a maximum of four.


Minions that you have assigned to a building will not be able to take part in battles but they can be recalled back at any time.

That will be all for now. We will soon be publishing a devblog featuring all the buildings and their bonuses.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we appreciate you sharing them with us and we will try our best to include the good ones in the future!

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Unfrozen Team