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Next content update

28.11.2019 16:15
Next content update

Hello, necromancers! We have already come close to finalizing the release version, but for now, we are happy to gladden you with the new content.

Next week, on December 5, a new version will be released, which features the new minion, Black Widow, new artifacts and new drop system, significant balance changes and reworked quests.

The power of the artifacts you receiving will grow with the Iratus progress. Events on your map path will no longer frighten you  — now it will be a more universal and interesting experience.

On Thursday you will be able to meet the new Iratus minion, — the giant arachnida, Black Widow.
"Why do we only reanimate human bodies?"Would a lion or wolf not be more destructive?” Those were questions Iratus would often hear back in the day when he still took on apprentices. He had to stop the practice after "accidentally" killing his fourth or fifth inquisitive student.
After all, the answer is rather obvious: Animals are unable to contain a Curse, the most basic component for reanimation. There may be only a single exception…the Curse of Malice. While still needing a human base (ideally a wife who has killed her husband), it can spread to animate animal parts as if they were part of the original body.
And for Iratus, that works perfectly, considering the circumstances he is in—he has access to plenty of giant spider nests in the tunnels and a healthy supply of female inmates… The moniker of Black Widow came naturally for these wretched minions.
These giant spiders weaken and poison enemies with the deadly toxins draining life every minute, tangle them with their sticky nets, and in case of danger quickly hide in a cocoon and wait for the right moment to deliver a crushing blow.

Aaaaand today we added Steam cards and badges! All collectors finally have a chance to catch all the minions cards and craft Steam badge and all related bonus items. Good luck!

Stay tuned!