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Tactical Retreat, Comeback System and other new features are now available

08.08.2019 19:05
Tactical Retreat, Comeback System and other new features are now available

Let’s look at the main features of version 158:


“Abandon Battle” in the top right corner has been replaced with “Tactical Retreat”. Now you have the chance to save your squad from certain death! When you click this button all minions will receive the Retreat tag and leave the battle at the beginning of their next turn. Minions retreat according to the same rules as enemies and take 50% more damage. You find yourself in the previous location on the map, the damage received by your minions will carry over.


At the end of a battle, Iratus will receive some parts, brains, and artifacts left over from each destroyed minion.



The scouting system allows players to prepare for upcoming battles, showing the composition of enemy units in neighboring spaces on the map.



Some players are have encountered a problem with game instability, leading to complete loss of battle groups if it happens in combat. Now, if the game ends unexpectedly, you can return to the very beginning of the battle without penalty.


We reworked the balance, economy and tactics of our hardest difficulty level "Good always wins!" Players who were not afraid to play it in the beta version helped us polish it. Enjoy!


  • Initiative bar at the top now reflects the turn order correctly. (No more rotation of turn order at the start of each round).
  • Inventor: Damage dealt to the boss when all pylons are dead is now visual. 
  • New menu button in the Chamber of Iratus.
  • You can now turn off unit lines.
  • Sacrificing minions now gives Iratus consumable items instead of artifacts.
  • Inspiration cancels escape.
  • Mana doesn't restore if minions retreat or are defeated.


[Lich] Shrapnel. Fixed a bug where Lich could hit himself if he was in the first position.
[Keymaster] Fixed a bug that made Keymaster summons “invisible” if a Lich cloud was present.
[Pyromancer] Fixed a bug where the Flame Shield disrupted minion attacks.
[Ghoul] Skills that deal damage to self (such as Vampire or Bone Golem) now also count for unlocking the Ghoul.
[Shade] Any offensive ability now cancels the effects of ‘Sleep’. Not just damage.
Fixed a bug when the subtitles did not turn off in the game.
[Swordsman] Fixed a bug with the stance that caused the Swordsman to counterattack a random minion.
[Swordsman] Won’t escape if he’s in his stance.
Stunning now works correctly if the player opts to use “Wait”.
[Steam Achievements] Achievements "Mountain King" and "Bane of Mercenaries" are now tracked correctly.
Many other minor fixes.


Global changes
-Weaker elite enemies on the first floor on difficulty level More Pain!
- Weaker elite enemies on the second floor on difficulty level Cakewalk and More Pain!
- Stronger enemies on the second and third floors on difficulty level More Pain!
- Fully revamped the balance and economy on difficulty level Good Always Winds.
- Increased rewards for killing elite enemies and bosses on all difficulty levels. 
- The ”Steadfast” status has been removed from the game.
- Slightly improved the accuracy of Iratus’s minions.

- Alchemist and Elite Alchemist: Damage dealt by the main attack increased from 50% -> 60%
- Dwarven Warrior and Elite Dwarven Warrior: Bonus to Armor and Resistance when using an ability increased from 4 -> 6
- Musketeer and Elite Musketeer: Damage dealt to the marked enemy increased from 150% -> 200%
- Trader and Elite Trader: Damage dealt by the main attack increased from 50% -> 75%
- Rogue and Elite Rogue: Damage dealt for each missing point of minion's Vigor increased.

• Key Master
- Tutorial, Cakewalk: Summons always only 1 ally.

• Blood Phantasm
- Chains of Anger, Moaning Chains: Damage increased from 60% -> 90%
- Chains of Fury: Damage increased from 80% -> 120%
- Hate Eternal, Wrath Eternal, Torment Eternal: Damage increased from 40/20% -> 60/30%
- Mark of Retribution, Aura of Retribution: Damage increased from с 10-20 -> 15-25
- Mark of Vengeance: Damage increased from 15-30 -> 20-30
- Phantasmal Assault, Phantasmal Carnage: Damage increased from 75% -> 100%
- Phantasmal Blitz: Damage increased from 100% -> 150%

• Bride of Iratus
- Baseline attack increased from 22-27 -> 24-29
- Flames of Love, Flames of Eternal Love: Damage increased from 50/25% -> 60/30%
- Flames of Passionate Love: Damage increased from 60/30% -> 70/35%

• Dark Knight
- Dark Offering: Bonus Wrath increased from 12 -> 18

• Fallen Dhampir
- Baseline Attack increased from 15-17 -> 16-18
- Baseline Dread reduced from 13-15 -> 14-16
- Aim for The Vein, Aim for The Heart, Aim for The Soul: Damage increased from 80% -> 100%

• Ghoul
- Baseline Attack increased from 20-26 -> 22-28
- Butcher, Crimson Feast: Damage increased from 100% -> 115%
- Restrained Slaughter: Damage increased from 125% -> 140%
- Savage Instincts, Savage Cunning: Bonus damage increased from 10% -> 20%
- Predatory Instincts: Bonus damage increased from 15% -> 30%

• Head Hunter
- Dual Slash, Vorpal Slash: Damage increased from 60% -> 70%
- Dual Cruelty: Damage increased from 50% -> 70%
- Seething Wrath, Sundering Wrath, Intimidating Rage: Can now target any position.

• Lich
- Sacrifice: Vigor restored reduced from 40 -> 30
- Cannon Fodder: Vigor restored reduced from 50 -> 40
- Toxic Cloud, Plague Cloud, Corrosive Cloud: Damage reduced from 100% -> 80%
- Rain of Fire, Armageddon, Bedlam: Wrath cost reduced from 45 -> 30 
- Reanimate, Dark Resurrection: Wrath cost reduced from 80 -> 65
- Cheap Bodies: Wrath cost reduced from 60 -> 50

• Lost Soul
- Inspire Heroics, Doomed to Heroism, Hero-Mania: Now moves the target one position forward.
- Dubious Boon, Enraging Boon: Amount of bonus Ward decreased from 2 -> 1
- Dubious Boon: Decreasing damage effect decreased from 25% -> 20%
- Enraging Boon: Decreasing damage effect decreased from 15% -> 10%
- Lucrative Boon: Decreasing damage effect decreased from 25% -> 30%

• Mummy
- Amplify Curses, Eternity of Torment, Eternity of Misfortune: Ultimate abilities now require more Wrath – from 30 -> 45.

• Shade
- Voidclaws: Damage increased from 70/35% -> 80/40%
- Dark Portal, Dark Gate, Dark Channeling: Can be used from positions 2 and 3 now.
- Dark Portal, Dark Gate, Dark Channeling: Shade doesn't move 1 position forward.
- Dark Gate: Amount of Mana restored decreased from 15 -> 10
- Dark Gate: Amount of Vigor restored decreased from 15 -> 10
- Black Light, Black Radiance, Glimpse the Dark World: Don't stack.
• Skeleton
- Baseline Attack increased from 18-20 -> 19-21
- Baseline Dread increased from 18-20 -> 19-21
- Baseline Luck increased from 5 -> 9
- Shield Banger, Creepy Clank, Dismissive Banger: Damage reduced from 120% -> 100%

• Vampire
- Hysteria, Berserk, Rage: Can now only be used from the 4th and 3rd positions.

• Wraith
- Terrorwave, Echoing Terror, Panic Blast: Damage reduced from 65% -> 50%

• Zombie
- Baseline Dread reduced from 15-18 -> 13-16
- Volley, Accurate Volley, Grand Volley: Damage over time increased from 80% -> 100%
- Igniting Mixture, Smoke Bomb: Baseline damage reduced from 40% -> 20%
- Igniting Mixture, Smoke Bomb: Damage over time increased 50% -> 100%
- Fiery Explosive: Baseline damage reduced from 40% -> 20%
- Fiery Explosive: Damage over time increased 25% -> 60%
- Trench Loading: Bonus damage increased from 20% -> 50%

• Sleep (Weird Mandolin artifact)
- Mana cost increased from 60 -> 75
- Duration reduced from 2 -> 1 turns

• Talents of Iratus
- Frenzied Howling: Bonus to dread reduced from 6 -> 4
- Finger of Death: Requires more Mana: from 75 -> 85.
- Alchemy and Destruction talents changed order at the spells tree.
- Most of the active talents require less Mana.

• Graveyard
- Dead Lake: Chance to find an artifact increased from 10 -> 15% for each minion inside the building.