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Devblog #4. Of dwarves and Geomancers.

15.06.2018 19:10
Devblog #4. Of dwarves and Geomancers.

Another devblog was not long in the making since we wish to introduce you to a new enemy that will appear on the Dwarven Floor while also giving you more information on abilities you are already familiar with.


While dwarves are not particularly fond of magic, there are a few disciplines that are notably excluded from this stigma. For centuries, Geomancers have practiced their craft, proving invaluable to the larger dwarven society in both for war and underground construction. There was a time when the Geomancer and Alchemists Guild were roughly equal in power but ever since the invention of gunpowder, one seized control and the other was left to grumble and sneakily plot for the day when they would usurp the throne. Of course, the rise of Iratus threw a rather large wrench into their plans.


We have made a new animations for the skills of the Hammerer, Oracle and Treasurer.





Work process

Work is continuing on balance changes and revision of minions’ skills.

Once again, our attention returns to our Bride of Iratus. Her ability “Overwatch” won’t ignore Armor anymore, but its damage has been increased to 100%. We will also increase the damage of  “You Won’t Get Him” and its debuff will work for 2 rounds. Furthermore, we had to change the cost of Bride’s ultimate ability “Rose For A Lady”, now you need 2 souls to use it. We are aware that everyone loves this skill but it was too strong and easily spammable.

Changes will be applied to several minions and we will give you more details soon. We welcome questions about these changes on our social media. See you all there:




Team Iratus

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