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Hello Everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve hit our Kickstarter goal! We are currently sitting 113% with 6 hours to go.


Let’s start this week with a new devblog. We’re going to talk about the new enemy and some balance changes that will appear in the upcoming update.


Another devblog was not long in the making since we wish to introduce you to a new enemy that will appear on the Dwarven Floor while also giving you more information on abilities you are already familiar with.


In our previous devblog we introduced you to the Dwarven Floor and the many new enemies within, which are certain to oppose Iratus in his quest for vengeance and destruction. This time, we would like to show you a few new minions that were created by our exasperated necromancer. Well... they were really designed by our Lead Artist. At the moment we are working on their abilities and animations and we hope to update you on the result in our future devblogs!