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Latest news & Updates


Our Kickstarter campaign has finished and what a ride it has been. Now we are almost ready for the backer exclusive closed alpha! Because of this, we have some interesting news regarding this update but let us begin with the new enemy first. It is still under development and will be added later.


So what’s next?

Well first, we need to get all of our backers a backer-exclusive Discord title. To do this, we will create a separate announcement that’s for backers only. In the announcement, simply post with your Discord username and we will change your title to “”.


Hello Everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve hit our Kickstarter goal! We are currently sitting 113% with 6 hours to go.


Let’s start this week with a new devblog. We’re going to talk about the new enemy and some balance changes that will appear in the upcoming update.