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Latest news & Updates

Wow, what a night! First off, we want to thank everyone of you who participated in our first hours of Early Access – Backers, Streamers and Necromancy Fans alike – You rock!

Balancing Patch and Updates


We are finally live with our Early Access!

Enjoy this delightfully difficult roguelike that challenges your strategic prowess on all fronts, with permadeath affecting not only minions but enemies, as well. Body parts and essence are finite resources in the game’s sprawling dungeon overworld, so you’ll need to think carefully about what you conjure and how it’ll help you exact revenge.


Just in two weeks you will be able to test yourself in the role of an ancient and powerful necromancer, freed from his millennia of imprisonment by a bunch of hapless miners.
Dominate your enemies and turn their corpses into minions you control in this challenging new roguelike from Unfrozen.